doing stuff and other things ...

hello! my name is joe (or more accurately, joseph but i really prefer joe). i was born <strike>yesterday</strike> and eventually grew up, attended a large university to learn many things and since then have worked for several companies doing stuff, which has led me to where i am now - working for a company doing stuff. in the time i'm not doing stuff, i like to do other things and i may even share some of those other things here for everyone to see. i hope to keep doing these and maybe even other things for a long time .... :)

i currently do stuff and other things in from my home in phoenix, arizona. that’s in the desert where it often gets hot, usually in the summer which lasts most of the year. it’s not as fun to do stuff or other things when it’s too hot, but you get used to it. spring, autumn and winter are pretty nice, though. it doesn't snow and we have palm trees. so there’s that.

so, what will you find on this site? in general, absolutely nothing. unless you are interested in the stuff and other things i may be doing from time to time. in that case, i have attempted to organize this into a few areas for ease-of-use:

  • blog: this is a general place for anything i feel like sharing. it may be content from other places that i find interesting or informative, fun or funny, or just plain and simple. this may, or may not represent my stuff or other things that i do (or would like to do?) but i will usually keep it relatively clean. that said, caveat emptor and all such similar notices apply and you browse at your own risk.

  • about: well, that's this page. assuming you have made it this far you probably don't need any more details on what the about page is about.

  • gallery: as part of doing other things i have sometimes been known to take photos and pictures and snapshots and just generally point my camera at things for various reasons. or for no reason whatsoever other than it seems like a fun thing to do at the time. keep in mind i am not a paid professional, and i do not do this kind of thing for a living but i post my images on separate site that can be reached via the "gallery" link. please be respectful and remember that all images posted in the gallery are copyright © joseph boza, all rights reserved.

  • contact: should you wish to send me a note for any reason, just follow the "contact" link. i won't promise a reply or a witty retort, but i do promise to read your message.

  • social: yep, i'm part of the social media overload. i have some links at the bottom of the page that will take you to some of the social media sites that i use if you are interested for reason. these may change over time as i add or remove sites, but there you have it.

if you have somehow made it this far and are still visiting my blog and therefore reading this tale you perhaps have some interest in my stuff or other things, in which case: welcome! if you found yourself here by accident, out of boredom, or some other unexplained event … well, in that case: welcome! regardless of circumstance, thanks for finding your way here. look around, have fun, and maybe find something that can help you with doing stuff and other things. :)