banishing ads down the (raspberry pi) hole

ads. i hate ‘em. you probably do, too.

why are they so freaking … invasive … ubiquitous … and annoying? ads are seemingly everywhere in everything, especially on the inter-webs. there’s hardly a web site or app we can use these days that doesn’t overflow with ads. if the sheer volume of ads wasn’t enough, there’s a growing privacy concern in my mind as well. think tracking. ever been on a web site browsing for something and you go to another web site and suddenly there’s an ad for what you were just browsing? ugh. that’s not cool. so … enough!

introducing: raspberry pi-hole.


today i completed installation, set-up, and configuration of my first raspberry pi device in my home. if you’re not familiar with raspberry pi, it’s basically a small (think: tiny - about the size of a deck of cards) and inexpensive computer that can be configured to perform a whole range of things. there are extensive online tutorials about the amazing things that people have done with raspberry pi’s, but one option is to put this device on your home network and use it to block ads using some software called raspberry pi-hole.

it was a straight-forward set-up, install, and configuration with help provided by a scott helme blog post to assist in boosting some additional security settings.

how is it working? in a word: this has been simply … awesome!

in the first few hours of use i have seen nearly 40% - yes, 40%! - of my internet traffic blocked due to requests for ads. that is amazing! i don’t yet know if the network feels any “faster” or not, but with that much ad traffic being blocked it can only be a good thing.

i have some additional changes pending but this is another fabulous step in my journey to secure my home network. give the raspberry pi-hole a try - it’s easy, and you’ll be amazed at how effective it is with your own internet experience.

ps - this is NOT an april fool’s day joke. i swear. really.