quick change artist!

so, i had a "soft opening" of this site several months ago and it was relatively smooth in set-up, maintenance, and roll-out. that said, i wasn't really much of a fan of the "back-end" management and tweaking that was required so i almost immediately started looking for alternatives and have selected squarespace as the preferred blogging option to move forward.

(note: the gallery link will take you to an alternate site where i will have more control over presentation and the option for sales of my photographs. i still expect to post images in my posts but the preferred browsing option will take place through the gallery link.)

so, i have been working behind the scenes over the last couple of weeks to set-up the new site, migrate the (limited) data i had already posted and then (today!) go live. so far, it looks to be a success but i will keep an eye on things and (obviously) keep tweaking and refining things as i go along.

clearly i am not posting a lot, and that's ok from my point of view - this was never intended to be a high-visibility, high-traffic endeavor. perhaps my post frequency will increase, perhaps not. much will depend on the stuff i do every day. :)

then, maybe ... possibly ... we'll see ... i may (may!) have an official "grand opening" at some point. or i'll just quietly go forward. who knows!