quick change artist!

so, i had a "soft opening" of this site several months ago and it was relatively smooth in set-up, maintenance, and roll-out. that said, i wasn't really much of a fan of the "back-end" management and tweaking that was required so i almost immediately started looking for alternatives and have selected squarespace as the preferred blogging option to move forward.

(note: the gallery link will take you to an alternate site where i will have more control over presentation and the option for sales of my photographs. i still expect to post images in my posts but the preferred browsing option will take place through the gallery link.)

so, i have been working behind the scenes over the last couple of weeks to set-up the new site, migrate the (limited) data i had already posted and then (today!) go live. so far, it looks to be a success but i will keep an eye on things and (obviously) keep tweaking and refining things as i go along.

clearly i am not posting a lot, and that's ok from my point of view - this was never intended to be a high-visibility, high-traffic endeavor. perhaps my post frequency will increase, perhaps not. much will depend on the stuff i do every day. :)

then, maybe ... possibly ... we'll see ... i may (may!) have an official "grand opening" at some point. or i'll just quietly go forward. who knows!


fast lane daily crashes hard!

no! one of the best if not the best online auto news shows - fast lane daily - has been shut down! i am crushed by this news! to put this in perspective, fast lane daily (web page + youtube) has been running daily - yes, daily - for almost 9 years and it being shut down without any real notice of any kind is heartbreaking. i have come to be a big, big fan of this show and its host, derek d.

derek d and crew were clearly unprepared (but not necessarily surprised) for this move according to the final episode posted on youtube:

this comment from a story posted by jalopnik's editor-in-chief patrick george sums up what this show was about and how well the entire crew did their job, day in and day out:

it’s a real shame to see an early automotive video pioneer meet such an abrupt end. fld’s first episode was in 2007, making it practically a dinosaur in internet years. but the show’s audience was big for a reason—it reliably, irreverently and energetically delivered a daily stream of news for enthusiasts in a way that’s been often imitated but seldom duplicated. at least, not effectively. --patrick george, jalopnik

hopefully this is just a temporary hiatus and not a permanent end, but it's sad nonetheless. thanks, fld. you will be missed, but i will keep my fingers crossed that you will be back.