fail! epic fail! > gopro karma ... a drone for the common man

update post (nov 20): well, as cool as this was it appears that gopro has an epic fail on its hands. epic.

it seems that the gopro karma is prone to simply falling from the sky without apparent reason or warning. not cool. dangerous.

as a result of this issue gopro has issued a complete recall of the karma and has not (as yet) announced when it might return to market. the fact that this recall has occurred just about two weeks after its launch speaks volumes (to me, at least) in terms of quality control testing that took place. or didn't take place, as the case may be.

a product such as this would presumably have thousands of hours of pre-release testing under various conditions and test scenarios and to have an issue like this reveal itself so quickly after public release says that something obvious was missed.

this is a major blemish on gopro's reputation - embarrassing and utterly ridiculous (at best).

i guess my search for the ultimate drone will continue. time to check out dji, etc.

fail, gopro. epic fail.

original post (sep 19): cool. this is just ... cool.

gopro has announced their first drone. it's called gopro karma.

i've been curious about drones for a while but i've never purchased one for a variety of reasons, usually the complexity and single-use nature of the devices.  the gopro karma appears to turn this around in many ways and it has me very interested.

the modular nature of the system, which utilizes a gopro camera (including the just-announced gopro hero 5!), a drone (duh!) that seems compact and portable, and an image stabilization device that can be used off of the drone in other ways (think handheld) for really impressive video. it's the ability to plug-and-play a camera (which you can use elsewhere) and the inclusion of stabilization that is portable and usable off the drone is really, really nice.

here's a very nice promo video for the gopro karma:

finally, there seems to be an eco-system of devices that will just work together and can be used in a variety of ways. i cannot wait to see this in person and i suspect that i will be an adopter in short order.

nice job gopro. nice job.

fast lane daily crashes hard!

no! one of the best if not the best online auto news shows - fast lane daily - has been shut down! i am crushed by this news! to put this in perspective, fast lane daily (web page + youtube) has been running daily - yes, daily - for almost 9 years and it being shut down without any real notice of any kind is heartbreaking. i have come to be a big, big fan of this show and its host, derek d.

derek d and crew were clearly unprepared (but not necessarily surprised) for this move according to the final episode posted on youtube:

this comment from a story posted by jalopnik's editor-in-chief patrick george sums up what this show was about and how well the entire crew did their job, day in and day out:

it’s a real shame to see an early automotive video pioneer meet such an abrupt end. fld’s first episode was in 2007, making it practically a dinosaur in internet years. but the show’s audience was big for a reason—it reliably, irreverently and energetically delivered a daily stream of news for enthusiasts in a way that’s been often imitated but seldom duplicated. at least, not effectively. --patrick george, jalopnik

hopefully this is just a temporary hiatus and not a permanent end, but it's sad nonetheless. thanks, fld. you will be missed, but i will keep my fingers crossed that you will be back.